Monkey Keno Slot

Hello keno lovers, there is a traditional game in town which you will love! Those familiar with the traditional keno game will definitely see that Monkey Keno Slot is to their liking. The classic game is set to give you the best gaming experience as well as real prizes.

This machine slot is a product of Microgaming, a renowned software game provider with names like Retro Reels Slot. It is an 8×10 reel slot and consists of 80 numbers of which 15 will be selected to play the game. The slot features standard gameplay and the theme is set in the jungle where you are faced with a bunch of monkeys who throw fallen coconuts with numbers when the game starts. This analytical review will tell you more.

About Monkey Keno Slot

Since the game was released, it has been loved by keno lovers. Monkey Keno Slot is a fun and exciting game which gives a fast way to play a lottery game. Players can pilot their game however they see fit by selecting varying numbers in each game and putting their betting strategies to work by determining which of the numbers will be the most profitable.

The game’s beauty is in its speed which is why it has become one of the most popular lotto-style games you can play online today. Monkey Keno Slot uses a game board that is marked by a grid with numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Players can select 15 numbers on the board before a monkey starts throwing 20 fallen coconuts to land on the board, landing on 20 numbers selected by a digital random number generator.

The game has a beautiful theme inspired by the jungle filled with monkeys. Its graphics are somewhat geared towards portraying the animals and fruits found in the jungle. The colours compliment the backdrop of the reels and the sound effect is welcoming.

So now step into a fun tropical adventure with the crazy monkey squad! This slot is ready to unleash all its cool prizes to you as you play the game. Start playing and collect your cash rewards.

How To Play Monkey Keno Slot Online

This classic table game will be easy for Bingo and lottery lovers because it comes with simple and straightforward gameplay. Get familiar with the slot before playing the real money version with real cash, or try out the demo version. However, players can follow these easy step-by-step instructions to get the base game.

  • The first thing to do is to use the search button and load Monkey Keno Slot in any online casino site.
  • Next, you have to decide how many numbers to pick because the monkey will fling 20 coconuts and reveal 20 numbers per game.
  • You select only a maximum of 15 numbers in the game by selecting them on the 8×10 grid.
  • The numbers selected on the screen will turn green as soon as you add them to the selection table.
  • The paytable will be updated with the numbers you will need to hit in order to win a cash prize and based on your wager, how much your cash prize will be.
  • After selecting the numbers, you can select the size of your wager. Your bet can go from £10 and £10.00 and also have a jackpot of a maximum of 10,000 times your original stake.
  • Always check the paytable to be updated about numbers that are likely to win. And there is a quick pick feature available.

The casual casino game is compatible with all video gaming devices because there is a desktop version for desktop and laptop devices. There is also a mobile version for mobile devices like your smartphones, tablet and iPads so you don’t need to buy a particular casino gaming device.

Interactive Features

The classic lottery game has some good features such as showing available credits and an autoplay option. There aren’t many interactive or special features of the game, but the game has a bonus round feature that every player needs. The slot also carries a skip button that allows you to view your results by skipping the animation. This autoplay button helps you play predetermined numbers and has a quick pick option to aid you in speedily picking numbers to be played.

Game Symbols

This casual game carries not many symbols and the numbers and monkeys are the major symbols.

Bonus Features

The major bonus feature of this online slot is the bonus rounds, other than that we were not able to find any other basic features.

What Button Triggers Monkey Keno Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Unfortunately, this Microgaming slot has no free spins feature because the game is more like Keno bingo but players are given other features like the bonus rounds.

For free spins on Microgaming slots, you can take advantage of various free spins such as offers of up to 40 free spins, which will easily start you up.

Paylines And Stakes

Unfortunately, this video game that portrays the Keno style has no payline, but since it cuts across a bingo game and lottery-style, it has 8 rows and 10 reels. Yeah, it is not like your usual casino slot, making it all the more unique. Regardless of the absence of paylines, players can set their stake and select the size of their wager.

 You can bet from a minimum of £0.10 up to a maximum of £10.00, and since it has a jackpot feature the biggest jackpot payout is only available if you pick 15 numbers and hit 15 in a game will pay you the maximum of 10,000 times your original stake. Therefore, the maximum prize available depending on your stake ranges from £1,000 to £100,000 depending on how much you play for.

Monkey Keno Game Software

Monkey Keno Slot game provider is Microgaming, one of the first gaming companies to see the potential of online casino games and is credited as the first casino software company to create their own online casino. Over the years, they have been making magic by creating fun and entertaining games designed to display effortlessly across a wide range of devices, platforms and browsers, providing a fun gaming experience without any unnecessary or stressful downloads.

 The company understands that players enjoy added features that add an extra layer of fun and excitement to their basic slots games, so while creating their games, they ensure that they come with great designs, free spins, bonus rounds, and tempting jackpots. You can find Microgaming casino games in over 800 online casinos such as Monster Wheels Slot, Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah Goddess Slot. Some of these online casinos like Casumo Casino, Play Ojo, BetVictor, Betway Casino, 777 casino, 888 casino, and many other betting sites. Microgaming has received several awards for its excellent game selection. Some of these awards include the 2015 Global Gaming Awards for Digital Gaming Innovation and the 2016 Global Gaming Awards for Digital Product.

What Is Monkey Keno Slot RTP?

When it comes to a slot RTP, players need to have the necessary information about this because it is an important aspect of slot games that should be taken seriously. However, the return to players of Monkey Keno Slot is 95% which is slightly above average. This percentage is good for a slot game like this and it gives more reason for the video slot to be tried out. Since the slot is not so popular yet, its RTP is stable so players have nothing to fear.

Slot Volatility

Every slot has a volatility rate and for this casual game, it is medium. Players are offered a mix of big and small winning combinations but less frequently. Medium variance slots payout well and give players a decent chance to win big, so they seek these kinds of slot games.


Monkey Keno is indeed a unique game that can be understood easily by Keno lovers but with the step-by-step casino guide given about other slots, fans can participate in the demo game. This exclusive game lacks progressive jackpots, wild symbols and special symbols but it has a bonus round feature. The online slot machine graphics, theme and sound effects have proven exciting with the cheeky monkeys moving around.

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