Mohegan’s Ilani Casino Resort Announce Major Expansion

Ilani Casino Resort, managed by Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, has announced a “major” expansion project, as the Connecticut-based company aims to build on recent momentum in Las Vegas and Greece.

Ilani will feature additions to its exterior and interior designs in partnership with the Cowlitz Tribe, Howard Wright and Friedmutter Group, including two new restaurant venues, an expanded gaming space, and a 14-story hotel tower.

After the completion of the ilani meeting and entertainment centre, parking garage and convenience store, the development is an extension of MGE ‘s global growth plan and the tribe’s long-term vision for its reservation.

Mario Kontomerkos, CEO and president of Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment said: “On the heels of combatting many challenges this year, we are thrilled to announce the expansion and growth of ilani, bringing a wealth of new amenities and entertainment options for future guests.

“As we continue on this path of strategic development, we recognise this expansion will bring growth, prosperity and excitement to the Pacific Northwest and further position ilani as the premier gaming, dining, entertainment and meeting destination in the region.”

Construction of two new dining venues and additional gaming space is expected to start next week, Thursday, October 15. Upon completion, the expansion would bring the overall property size of Ilani to over 400,000 square feet.

Construction on Ilani’s 14-story, 300-room glass hotel tower, which will feature large suites and amenities such as a spa, fitness centre, top-floor restaurant and more, will begin in early 2021.

Kara Fox-LaRose, general manager and president of ilani explained: “We have been steadfast in our efforts to bring forward a business model that complements our region and provides an unmatched experience for our guests.

“Our business has grown incrementally since opening just over three years ago, and our new parking garage, expanded gaming space and additional restaurants provide increased opportunities to ensure the sustainability of our business and will continue to contribute to the economic vitality of our tribe and the area.

“The addition of a hotel will allow us to bring more visitation to our region, and we are looking forward to the stabilisation of our economy so we can begin construction. In the meantime, we will advance the design with the Cowlitz Tribe to ensure its elements properly represent the tribe’s heritage and meet the needs of our guests.”