Mississippi Gaming Commission Update Casino Rules

The Mississippi Gaming Commission has updated the COVID-19 casino rules.

Gov. Tate Reeves of Mississippi lifted the state’s mask ban on Wednesday, but the laws for casinos are new. The Gaming Commission kept the mask requirement but changed other regulations, which took effect on Thursday.


The casino’s occupancy rate has been increased from 50 percent┬áto 75 percent, and masks are now needed within. They can be taken out for a short time to eat or drink. Casinos will help to promote social separation by cleaning and disinfecting regularly touched areas every two hours.


Cleaning and disinfecting team members can be assigned to visitor and staff member contact points on a daily basis. At least once every two hours, high-frequency touch-points would be sanitised. Cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be taught to all employees. Guests may also have access to hand sanitizer on the gaming floor, with signs instructing them to do so before playing at the slot machines or gaming tables.