Mike Postle Case Defendants Play Down Allegation

In the ongoing Mike Postle story in which Postle is accused of cheating his way through games at the Stones Gambling Hall, where the popular YouTube stream ‘Stones Live’ . Streamers and poker players who were discussing the “Stones Live” case organised by the Stones Gambling Hall called out Postle.

He had used his cell phone to find out what his opponents ‘cards were, according to the plaintiffs in the latest litigation brought against him. In the case against Mike Postle and the Stones Gambling Hall, one employee, tournament director Justin Kuraitis, was identified too.

Now, as an organisation, the Stones Gambling Hall needs to put some miles between itself and the suspected cheating by Mike Postle. It appears fair considering that the number of complainants rose to 89 as of April 9, after the initial case had been attempted by the Stones Gambling Hall to be dismissed.

Although Postle insists he has never cheated, the Stones Gambling Hall could rather have preferred a reputation-damaging solution, claiming that a casino has no duty to take care of any losses that players have suffered.

The Defence of the Casino read as such: “Their failure to include adequate facts establishes they cannot support their claims. Plaintiffs can neither prove negligence nor fraud, they rely on innuendos and insinuations that are not substitutes for facts or law.”

In other words, the casino seeks to expunge itself to the extent that even if Postle is found guilty, it is not up to the casino to pay any damages. The argument is true to one extent – if the Stones Gambling Hall has nothing to do with Postle’s supposed sting activity, then distancing itself from the suspected culprit makes sense for the group.

The all-out refusal to resolve the matter is disturbing, however, because it risks impinging on the good reputation of an institution known for its close-knit poker community and a gaming centre for competitive play. Postle’s image has also been marred by the controversy itself, placing him at loggerheads with fellow poker players such as Marle Cordeiro who has also filed a lawsuit.

Motions for the case to be dismissed by the plaintiffs were also brought in an effort to avoid going to a court of law, the claim being that the plaintiffs insinuated the allegations against Postle but had no reasonable evidence against him nor could offer the requisite evidence.

A pre-trial is scheduled for July but that might not happen now that the lockout of coronavirus has caused several courts to slow down and even avoid interactions between individuals.