Midnite Improves KYC And ID Principles Via HooYu Link-Up

By collaborating with digital client onboarding specialist HooYu, Midnite has moved to improve all components relevant to its KYC and ID verification disciplines in the new esports wagering platform.

Launched at the beginning of the year, Midnite aims to become a leading site for esports wagering by offering players the most extensive range of live watch-&-bet markets on the most popular esports games, including CS: GO, League of Legends, DOTA 2 and other pro tournaments.

Midnite announced that it has named HooYu to update and safeguard all core components relevant to customer on-boarding after a time of unprecedented growth during lockdown.

Serving as the KYC lead of Midnite, HooYu will provide a variety of tailored compliance solutions covering monitoring of databases, authentication of ID documents, facial recognition and technology for identity trust scoring.

Sujoy Roy, Marketing Director for Midnite said: Our partnership with HooYu has enabled us to rapidly expand our growth operations while maintaining the highest levels of integrity.

“As an esports bookmaker, our registration process must be fast and accurate to satisfy the demands of our gaming audience. The new KYC integration with HooYu has allowed us to begin acquiring customers outside of the UK, while maintaining the same quality of customer experience we are known for.”

Hooyu stressed that its customised enforcement solutions would be integrated in the UI and UX frameworks of Midnite, providing no interference with the sign-up processes and success rates of customer conversion of its business.

David Pope, Director of Marketing at HooYu, said: “With a younger and more geographically diverse esports demographic, the HooYu digital KYC journey is ideal.

“Younger, digitally savvy users are whisked through the HooYu journey and our language detection tools automatically serve the HooYu UI in the default language making it easier for users to understand what they need to do to pass KYC and bet on their favourite game.”


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