Michigan Votes For Interstate Online Poker Bill

Published: 28th December 2020
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 19th February 2021

Michigan House of Representatives voted 85 to 16 in support of the adoption of SB 992, which is a bill that follows up on the Lawful Internet Gaming Act authorising the Michigan Gaming Control Board to launch talks on interstate online poker facilitation with other jurisdictions.

The bill is now going to the office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer to be signed into law.

The main sponsor of the bill is State Senator Curtis Hertel Junior  and he serves the 23rd district in Michigan. He said it was always planned that the bill would pass and that it was exciting to see that Michigan would provide online poker players with a robust framework.

He is not aware that the Governor is in any way opposed to the bill and he hopes that it will be signed into law.

After Whitmer signed a package of bills into law that legalised internet gaming and sports betting, online poker was approved in this US state in December 2019.

The Governor cited the growth in funds that will be made available from online gaming tax revenue to Michigan schools and firefighters fighting cancer.

The Gaming Board of Michigan worked hard to get the state’s online gaming flying, which included establishing rules and regulations, granting licences and vetting operators.

The first 15 provisioning licences have been issued by the Board to platform providers. As a result of this, in January 2021, the first online games will go live.

BetMGM won one of 15 licences, and if they pre-register before January 4th, the operator offers players in Michigan $100 in bonuses.

In January, the first online wagers will take place, and online poker will come a little later than online casino games and online sports betting.

Communication Specialist Mary Kay Bean of the Board stated: “We don’t know whether poker will be among the games offered at initial launch. t will depend on an operator’s readiness to offer poker and their desire to do so. The games must be evaluated by independent testing labs and our own gaming lab and approved by the MGCB prior to being deployed.”

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