MGM Resorts Listed As Leading Disability Employer


The National Disability Organisation has listed MGM Resorts International as a leading disability employer. Announcing that the corporation is one of 59 companies designated a 2019 NOD leading employer of disability, MGM was praised for “exemplary disability hiring and employment practices.”

Tony Gladney, vice president of community engagement at MGM Resorts said: “MGM Resorts has a diverse hiring legacy that spans more than 20 years and we continue to focus on what matters with our workforce.

“As we enter National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October, we reflect on our accomplishments but also look toward opportunities to bring more awareness to the value of our disabled community. We are excited and proud to be recognised with this honour.”

The NOD leading disability employer seal now entering its fourth year honors businesses that show praiseworthy employment practices for disabled people.

The annual award was intended to reward companies that lead the way in recruiting disability, as well as to inspire new firms to consider the advantages of employing talent with disabilities, including strong consumer support for businesses that hire people with disabilities and greater workplace participation.

“These winning organisations understand that by welcoming people with disabilities, they reap the benefits of a more productive and engaged workforce,” added Tom Ridge, NOD chairman governor.

“The preeminent challenge before us is to ensure that people with disabilities enjoy full opportunity for employment, enterprise and earnings, and that employers know how to put their talents to work. We thank MGM Resorts for their leadership and for their commitment to hiring people with disabilities.”

Last week, MGM signed a $735 m–$800 m settlement agreement with all of the victims involved in the shooting in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017.




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