MGA Team Up With MFA And Sign Data Sharing Deal

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has collaborated with the Malta Football Association to exchange data and information on suspicious betting activities in a bid to prevent match-fixing and bribery within football.

The agreement, which entered into force on 5 December, would ensure that both parties have access to all the data needed to fulfil their regulatory obligations.

MGA chief executive Heathcliff Farrugia commented: “This data sharing agreement follows a number of Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) signed by the MGA with other regulatory bodies throughout 2019, and also ties in perfectly with MGA’s recent establishment of a dedicated Sports Integrity Unit.

“The Authority is committed to ensure that this agreement is not limited to data sharing, but also sharing of ideas and best practices for the benefit of both entities.”

All parties must work together to recognise and avoid any cases of sport bribery, pledging to fully and promptly investigate areas of shared regulatory interest.

“The Malta FA was the catalyst behind the Anti-Corruption Task Force in 2015 which eventually led to the introduction of the Prevention of Corruption in Sport Bill and the formation of a national Sports Integrity Unit,” added Malta FA president Bjorn Vassallo.

“This data sharing agreement represents another important step to further strengthen the Malta FA’s efforts to tackle match-fixing within its regulatory limits at sporting level. It enables the MGA and the Malta FA to share not only crucial data but also expertise.”