MGA Cancels Dorobet’s Licence For Unfaid Fees And Rule Breaking

On February 21, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) announced that they had cancelled the licence authorisation granted to Dorobet LTD. The statement explained that the company was no longer authorised to “carry out any gaming operations, register new players or accept new customer deposits.”

Dorobet has been accused of breaching regulatory payment rules. The MGA found that Dorobet contravened Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations Regulation 9(1), specifically paragraphs B, C and L.

Paragraph B refers to an organisation’s failure to comply with an order issued by the MGA whereas Paragraph C refers to a licensee who fails to comply with the obligations or applicable laws required by Malta and its regulatory authorities. Paragraph L refers to actions taken by MGA in cases where fees are not paid properly.

Dorobet may appeal the MGA’s decision but there was no word given as to what action they would take at this point.

required to retain and provide all registered players with access to their player accounts, and to refund all funds standing to the credit of players in line with the applicable law.“

“The authorised person has failed to meet commitments to players in a timely manner, or the Authority has reason to believe that such failure is imminent following the €3,483.89 liabilities incurred by the Authorised Person towards player funds.”