MGA And TIU Strengthen Partnership Against Betting Related Corruption

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has established a data sharing contract with the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) to strengthen its battle against betting-related corruption.

The duo, which has been working alongside each other for several years, will proceed to work together on their joint attempts to fight match-fixing.

The MGA’s Sports Integrity Officer, Antonio Zerafa stated: “The MGA has long held an excellent relationship with the TIU, but this agreement will allow the MGA & the TIU to formalise a structure to share data and information in compliance with the law, for the purposes of detecting, preventing and investigating the manipulation of sports competitions.”

The MGA will operate with TIU on improving avoidance and inquiry procedures under the conditions of the data-sharing contract, with a focus on tackling cheating in the professional tennis industry.

Last week, the Tennis Integrity Supervisory Board provided the go-ahead for the organisation’s anti-corruption and anti-doping branches to be merged into a single, mixed and enhanced integrity organisation for professional tennis.

The combination of the two branches will incorporate both the anti-corruption and anti-doping divisions in a single place with mutual facilities, including player education. This new combined organisation will be responsible for anti-doping in tennis from January 2021.