Mexican Union Calls For Tighter Protocols For Casinos Reopening

In order to be able to reopen entertainment venues, including casinos, the Entertainment Industry Union of the Mexican state of Nuevo León has suggested tighter protocols.

Due to a spike in COVID-19 cases in the state, Governor Jaime Rodríguez ordered the closure of casinos, event venues, cinemas and other entertainment companies last December.

Concerns over economic issue

Union Technical Secretary Félix Coronado told local media outlet Milenio that while they are aware that there is a health crisis in Nueva León, they need to return to work to prevent the permanent shutdown of enterprises.

“[We are] concerned about the delicate health situation, but the economic issue is also very fragile. Just as lives are being lost due to the pandemic, many businesses are also being lost,” Coronado said.

“A responsible reopening with modified protocols”

Furthermore, Coronado demanded “a responsible reopening with modified protocols” that would have to be followed thoroughly. The Secretary encouraged the opening of entertainment venues every day so that workers would return to work.

Coronado said that the entertainment industry usually complied with the preventive protocols better than other sectors, despite certain companies such as discotheques and bars not following the guidelines when they were permitted to open in late 2020.