Merkur Cashino Details Reopening Plans Following Feedback

Merkur Cashino, part of the UK-focused Praesepe gaming group headquartered in Milton Keynes, recently undertook an online poll, asking clients what security initiatives they wished to see the facilities introduce in the future and what they missed most in the gaming industry.

The results revealed that the majority of customers missed to visiting their local venue and its social element. Miss talking with the friendly employees was among the key reasons to look forward to the reopening of the venues, along with the excitement of earning any money potentially.

Praesepe took this opportunity to ask customers what security measures they want to see implemented at their UK locations. The main answers were that consumers would be comfortable if a cap was imposed at one time to the number of people in the area, along with hand sanitiser, routine machine and surface cleaning.

An overwhelming number of customers were quick to point out that they felt that Cashino venues had already been kept very clean and that if those high standards were maintained, or indeed improved, they would feel at ease when they returned. It has also been suggested that staff be wearing PPE for their own protection.

The Cashino Management Team has come up with a reopening strategy, which is available for viewing online or on social media, in the light of recent government directives. Staff and customers’ safety remains at the very forefront of the company’s plans and the senior management team is keen to reassure customers that venues will only be opened when this is safe to do.

Speaking on the plans, Praesepe COO Mark Schertle said: “The results of the survey have been reassuring because it’s good to know that we have such a loyal following of customers. We have worked really hard to create a reopening plan. We remain vigilant regarding the government guidelines and, whilst we are eager to kick-start the gaming industry, we are mindful that this must be timed perfectly.”

He continued: “Some of the safety measures we will be rolling out will include all venues receiving a deep clean ahead of reopening and layouts changed to adhere to social distancing guidelines. In our Cashino venues for example, we will be placing machine guards, at the sides of machines, which will be cleaned between customers, and face masks will be provided for our teams.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to our customers, and staff, for bearing with is and trusting that we are doing our best to ensure we can continue to entertain customers, whilst protecting them, so they can play safe and stay safe.”