Melco Properties To Use AI In Kitchens

At Melco Resorts and Entertainment, the robots are coming. There will not be electric, programmed machines walking around the casino floors, not in the typical picture of robots. In the casino and resort operator’s kitchens, however, there will be a great deal of artificial intelligence (AI). In order to minimise food waste, Melco has announced that it is going forward with a major collaboration with Winnow Vision to introduce AI solutions to its assets.

Winnow Vision focuses primarily on helping businesses eliminate kitchen waste and reduce kitchen-related costs. It uses cameras combined with smart scales and machine learning to evaluate food waste in order to assess the losses they pose to the business in terms of both financial and environmental impacts, the same form of technology that today’s autonomous vehicles use. This research is then addressed to the organisation so that it can better change its buying habits for the kitchen.

With Winnow, Melco started a pilot programme that saw the technology deployed at its City of Dreams Macau land. For six months, at the property’s self-operated buffet restaurants, the AI tracked and reported what was going on with the food service and submitted its findings to the casino operator when it was finished. Winnow Vision helped the organisation save nearly 4,000kg of food waste, which is equivalent to nearly 17 tonnes of CO2 emissions, according to Melco. That was a 67 percent waste reduction and enough for Melco to know that Winnow Vision could play a huge potential role in its kitchens.

All of Melco’s self-operated buffet restaurants in Macau and Manila will now be added to the AI. If it is capable of cutting waste by 67 percent at all it should begin to see modest savings at a time when it needs to find new ways to cut costs, but perhaps not significant. For the third quarter of the year the company announced losses of $331 million, which contributed to the need to rewrite credit agreements with some of its lenders.

However, Melco believes that the implementation of Winnow Vision would enable it to become a more eco-friendly organisation, even more than for financial savings. Senior VP and Chief Sustainability Officer of Melco, Denise Chan, asserts: “Melco is dedicated to tackling one of the industry’s biggest challenges, food waste, while inspiring others to follow suit. We are excited about continuing our collaboration with Winnow across our resorts to lead the charge against food waste in Macau. The AI system initiative allows us to maximize operational efficiency and data accuracy across both front- and heart of-house food outlets, with the ability to significantly reduce food waste as we work towards our goal of achieving zero waste and contributing to circular economic leadership in Asia by the year 2030.”

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