Medellin Columbia To Start Reopening Casinos, Bingo And Slot Halls

Up to 167 casinos, bingo halls and slot halls will start reopening in the Colombian city of Medellín from September 14 allowing 2,700 people to go back to work.

The second largest city in Colombia will be the first to reopen its gaming halls in the country. The protocols are in place with disinfections on the buttons of the slot machines, acrylics separating customers, disinfectants for games where coins are exchanged, and temperature checks on entry.

Medellín mayor Daniel Quintero said: “Enough is enough, we need to reopen the economy and that is why Medellín has committed to starting this process of economic opening with the National Government, with the guarantee that it’s time to give people a break.”

Jaiber David Escobar, casino coordinator said: “The truth is that the news is a great respite for all of us. We are very happy to continue with this activity. This brings many economic benefits to our families.”

Valentina Porras, VIP casino manager, added: “It is already a fact, we are already open with all the biosafety protocols , we have installed acrylics in half of our machines,” said . The losses in this sector exceed one trillion pesos, added to the more than $ 120,000m that have stopped being transferred to the health sector.

“For more than five months these establishments were closed, without receiving any type of income, and without contributing a large unlimited amount of money for health in Colombia,” said Elizabeth Maya Cano, President of Cornazar. ” We are predicting in a year or two more or less, to be able to recover everything lost.”