Maxima Compliance Webinar :Mastering technical compliance to grow your global footprint

Maxima Compliance will host the next SBC Webinar on Thursday 18 June (16:00 BST), after launching its Complitech technical compliance database.

Against a rapidly evolving regulatory backdrop, any supplier with desires across multiple regulated markets needs to master the technical compliance.

In addition, how can product, regulatory, and leadership teams optimise processes when meeting a variety of compliance requirements as regulators focus more deeply on ‘looking under the bonnet?’

Antonio Zanghi, Managing Director of Maxima Compliance, and Dafydd Williams, Head of Business Development, will address identifying new market opportunities, creating gap analyses to streamline entry and ultimately attracting operator partners.

Figurehead Jesper Kärrbrink, chairman of Green Jade Games and former CEO of Mr Green, will be ignored by Joining Maxima to provide vital knowledge and firsthand experience in leading effective multi-market operations.

Zanghi said: “Technical compliance is now central to the success of any supplier active in regulated markets, but I see many struggling to meet a high bar of ever-changing requirements.

“We look forward to a lively discussion providing some first-hand tips on how to optimise and streamline these processes, including a demonstration of our technical compliance database, Complitech.”