Maverick Backs Sports Betting Legislation In Washington State

Maverick Gaming has backed legislation that aims to create a fully regulated and taxed land-based and mobile sports betting system in the state of Washington.

Legislation HB 2478 and SB 6277, introduced by Representative Vick in the State House and Senators King and Rivers in the State Senate, proposes making land and mobile sports betting available to tribal casinos, racetracks and licenced card rooms in the area.

The regional casino owner and operator stresses that it “strongly supports the pillars set forth by the Washington State Gambling Commission,” as the regulator bids to help guide policy making for the legalisation of sports betting: licencing and controlling, funding agencies for effective regulation, fighting money laundering and strict criminal compliance, dignity of sports and gambling, accountability

Modelled after the New Jersey legal system, the bill would establish a “strict framework of regulations” for a regulated sports betting industry.

“Maverick Gaming employs 2,200 people in 19 licensed card rooms across Washington, and we are committed to creating an environment that is fun and safe for our guests, while also implementing system-wide self-exclusion policies to reduce problem gambling,” said Maverick Gaming co-founder and CEO Eric Persson.

“Legal sports betting will give lawmakers the opportunity to create a regulated system that collects tax revenues that should be used to address community needs, supports a strong sustainable workforce, and provides economic opportunity in this growing global market.

“Critically, regulated, legal sports betting has the dual benefit of undermining offshore criminal networks which currently profit from the unregulated and unsafe system. I look forward to working with Washington’s elected leaders, tribal government leaders, community stakeholders, and all interested parties regarding the merits of this proposed legislation.”

In addition, Maverick also pointed out a Teamsters Local 117 announcement that 1,700 employees of the Maverick Gaming card room have joined the union as the exclusive bargaining representative of the employees.

Persson added: “Our strategy for investing in responsible gaming in Washington is synonymous with investing in our employees. As we began our expansion in Washington earlier this year, we pro-actively reached out to Teamsters 117 as part of our commitment to fostering a quality workplace that offers fair wages and benefits for all employees.

“We worked to adopt a labour neutrality agreement and Teamsters 117 conducted its outreach to our employees. We look forward to the next steps in the process as part of our commitment to offering best-in-class opportunities for our employees.”