Matchroom Launch Media Production Arm Matchroom Media

Matchroom has launched its own independent media production arm called Matchroom Media, which will accommodate the production across all television channels of live events, original documentaries and shoulder programming.

Heading the new production

The new division will be headed by Programming Director Katie Hearn, who joined Matchroom for the first time in 2004. Hearn boasts an incredible CV, having begun in 1996 at Sky Sports and being one of the first women to work on the international production team for football.

In-house production of live events

Group Managing Director, Eddie Hearn, explained: “Content has never been more powerful and as we continue our global expansion, in house production of our own live events will help us align the narrative from idea to execution.

“We plan to assemble the best production team and sharpest talent for our live broadcasts and bring you compelling content and storylines around our 12 sports. We have unique access that will allow us to grow the hype and narrative through powerful shoulder programming and keep the fans and viewers constantly engaged.”

Engaging content

In a statement, Matchroom said that, despite the global pandemic,’ the ability to create engaging content is more important than ever’., an over-the-top (OTT) in-house platform featuring a video library of over 13,000 hours of free archived content, was introduced by the company last year. Through the service, fans can also watch live events.

Katie Hearn added: “Matchroom has positioned itself at the forefront of creating and delivering original and unique programming to sporting audiences around the world. We’re excited to expand to produce not only more live sport, but engaging new content to support these events and the sportsmen and women that drive them.

“From outside broadcasts, live streams and shoulder programming, we’re committed to bring global audiences epic sporting moments and the inspiring stories that are behind them.”

In order to compose its 12-sport calendar for 2021, Matchroom has already set its sights on the Heavyweight World Championship, the Professional Darts Corporation and World Snooker.