Malta Government To Launch Search For MGA Leader

The government of Malta will launch an executive search for a new Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) chief, as incumbent Heathcliff Farrugia announced that he will not renew his tenure as CEO.

Farrugia has been appointed Chief Executive of Malta Gambling’s regulatory and licencing authority as an MGA executive since 2014, succeeding long-term incumbent Joseph Cuschieri in 2018.

Farrugia reported to local news outlets that as MGA CEO, which would expire at the beginning of next year, he had asked the government not to extend his leadership terms.

Farrugia is stated to want to create a new company with MGA Chief Regulatory Officer Karl Brincat Peplow by announcing his resignation.

Under the leadership of Farrugia, the MGA focused on expanding its activities in the field of money laundering, auditing and licensee behaviour monitoring, and formed a range of international cooperation agreements with European regulatory counterparts and sporting bodies.

In 2020, the sudden resignation of former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at the beginning of the year, having been implicated in the direct breach of the investigation of the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, has seen drastic changes through Malta ‘s government ranks.

The ruling Labour Party of Malta would nominate Robert Abela as the new Prime Minister, conducting a rapid revision of the executive cabinet of Malta, in which all Muscat appointments were requested to resign.

The replacement of Farrugia was appointed to PM Abela ‘s office as a crucial appointment, taking leadership of a key government agency overseeing a sector that contributes 7,500 direct jobs and approximately EUR 1.5 billion to Malta ‘s economy.