Macau’s DICJ Takes Steps To Protect Gamblers


Macau’s gaming regulator is putting a step forward in better protecting gamblers ‘ private information. Like countries around the globe, most particularly the European Union and its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) has now introduced a fresh strategy that restricts the quantity of information that can be provided to gambling providers, including’ gaming activities or operations, including customer personal information.’

The Macau News Agency describes that all casino, gaming providers and junkets must comply with the fresh regulations that stop information being exchanged with any outside organisation, whether or not that entity is inside Macau.

The DICJ states that any information relating to the gambler or his or her activities and any information pertaining to casino operations or activities are offline, “including but not limited to the personal data, place of origin or nationality, profession or the gambling clients’ activity and other information such as their representatives or accompanying persons, the time of entry into and out of the casino or the gaming table, the amount of bets, the credit, the amount of the bet placed, the payment of prizes and the purchase and redemption of chips (tickets), slot machines tickets (tokens), etc.”

Such authorisation may be granted when “the consent or power of attorney of the interested parties were obtained or are in compliance with the provisions of the [Macau] Personal Data Protection Act.” However, the DICJ provides the approval to exchange information for each person query.

Macau has already established a GDPR-like framework. The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) has been in force for years, but the DICJ wished to ensure it had a definite grip on precisely how the sector would be controlled.

Paulo Martins Chan, DICJ’s director, is taking steps to guarantee Macau’s gaming providers behave in an ethical and legal way. His commitment paid off on a private basis, receiving the 2019 Asia / Australasia Year Award previously this month from the International Masters of Gaming Law.


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