Macau Legislator Appeal For Online Gambling Legalisation

The Macau legislator has appealed to the local government that it is completely mandatory to implement online gambling to help the gaming hub withstand the storm triggered by the worldwide pandemic.

A letter was sent by Jose Maria Pereira Coutinho expressing his fears about the effect of the health crisis on Macau’s tourism industry. He cautions that the area will not return to the pre-crisis stage it was at.

Online gambling is also banned in Macau with the exception of such sports betting operations, such as football and basketball, offered by Macau Slot Co Ltd. Coutinho says this should be extended widely.

He said: “It is suggested that Macau should introduce interactive gaming. The Macau SAR government [should] establish official standards and regulations on interactive gaming, and develop interactive gaming software together, in order to increase revenue from gaming tax and to further develop gaming industries in Macau.”

He listed some European countries’ online gambling policies, such as the United Kingdom, whose Gambling Act 2005 showed a path to listing on the London Stock Exchange for a number of companies in the iGaming sector.

It has been pointed out recently that “the government would listen to any suggestions that would help the development of the industry. However, due to the risks of gambling through the internet or telephone, the government must carefully study the judgment.”

Macau has been hit hard by the effects of the crisis, this was evident in the sales estimates of August when the annual fall in gross gaming revenue was a whopping 94.55 percent!

On several occasions during the year, first in February and then again in March, Macau was shut down.