Lucky Teesside Gran Becomes Mecca Bingo’s Luckiest Player With 6th Big Win

Teesside is home to the luckiest bingo club in the UK, Mecca Bingo Stockton Chandlers Wharf, and probably also home to the luckiest bingo player in the UK.

Sixth major win

In just four years, one Teesside grandmother in her 50’s who wishes to remain anonymous has amazingly scooped her sixth major win playing at Mecca Bingo. Her new victory, a whopping £ 51,000, won with just a stake of 18p, takes her cumulative wins at Mecca Bingo in four years to a life-changing £ 80,000. For the lady who goes under the username Sweet_Cucumber, this means that for the last four years she has continued to claim a £ 20,000 annual ‘wage’ playing bingo!

Mecca‘s Premiere Bingo Jackpot, which last year paid out more than £ 1.5 million to over 5000 players, was the major win.

DAILY jackpots

15 Premiere Bingo Jackpots at the Mecca Bingo website are paid out every day. The DAILY’s jackpots up for grabs are:

The Premiere Bronze Jackpot – won, on average, every 2 hours with a fixed prize of £10.

The Premiere Silver Jackpot – won, on average, twice a day with a fixed prize of £50.

The Premiere Gold Jackpot – won, on average, once a day with a fixed prize of £100.

The Premiere Platinum Jackpot – won, on average, twice a month. This is a Progressive Jackpot starting at £5,000 and has been won at over £50,000

The Premiere Diamond Jackpot – won, on average, once a month. This massive Progressive Jackpot starts at £10,000 and has risen to over £70,000

Cause to celebrate

There is also more cause for the happy grandmother to celebrate. She defeated COVID-19 only recently and has been furloughed in her job since last March. Now, but not before spoiling her family and friends first, the Cleveland resident is building a new kitchen and living room.

The down-to-earth lady, however, admitted that the first thing she did was spend £ 100 of her winnings on baby necessities for families in need when she learned of the win at one of the UK’s biggest bingo sites.

The jubilant winner told the Winners Hub of Mecca: “I’ve had all the luck, I can’t believe it. I’ve been playing with Mecca for 10 years and I’ve got so many friends online in the chat rooms which has been a real lifeline through lockdown, especially as I caught COVID at New Year – I’m glad to be feeling much better now”

The Mecca Winners Hub’s Laura Bacon added: “Repeated big wins are not unheard of, but to win six big prizes is incredibly lucky – we’re really happy for our jackpot winner and it’s lovely to hear how she’s been helping others”