Lucha Rumble Slot

Eyecon have. explored Mexican-themed gaming in this fantastic slot game. Lucha Rumble Slot will transport players to the vibrant world of Mexican wrestling, complete with some nifty additional features. Explore this game with us by going through our comprehensive review.

Lucha Rumble Slot is an exciting slot game developed by Eyecon, a prominent European game developer. Eyecon has been a household name in the online gaming industry for many years. Their games are famous for their excellent graphics and unique takes on classic themes, so we were excited to see if they delivered once again with Lucha Rumble.

About Lucha Rumble Slot Game

As we’ve expected from Eyecon titles, Lucha Rumble features exceptional graphics and animations courtesy of its HTML5 engine.

In addition, the game stars a cast of five luchadores (or wrestlers, for our non-Spanish-speaking readers) who will clash in dramatic animated cut scenes between spins every once in a while. This distinguishes Lucha Rumble from its competitors and ensures that the game remains interesting over time.

The well-designed reel symbols are a riot of garish colours, much like the sport on which the game is based. Moreover, the action is accompanied by a suitably Latin soundtrack that’s immersive without being intrusive.

Apart from the resident wrestlers, the reels feature several other Latin icons, including hot sauce and sugar skulls. Additionally, Eyecon did an excellent job of making Lucha Rumble an enjoyable and intuitive game to play with a straightforward menu.

Most modern slot machines are made with scalable technology, which means that they look and work the same on any device. As a result, the Lucha Rumble is operatable via smartphone or tablet.

How to Play Lucha Rumble Slot Online

Here are steps to get you started with Lucha Rumble:

  • To get started with Lucha Rumble, you must first create an account with your preferred gaming website or casino.
  • Enter the following in the search box: “Lucha Rumble.” Then choose the game to begin playing.
  • You can view your account balance by selecting the “Banking” tab from the menu options. 
  • You can adjust your wager using the “+/-” icon and choose a coin size from the drop-down menu. One hundred coins are the highest bet.
  • Hit the Start button located above the reels to begin. Then, with a single tap, the auto-play feature on the left of the screen enables experienced players to spin up to 100 games consecutively. When using this feature, keep an eye on your win and loss totals.

Interactive Features

Slots are more enjoyable when they include interactive features, and these features aid in bolstering the Player’s gameplay. The interactive elements in Lucha Rumble include the following:

  • Bet Max Feature: When you use the Bet Max feature, you can place bets on all available winning pay lines at the maximum allowed line bet, regardless of the number of available pay lines.
  • Information: This section contains in-depth information about all of the game’s elements. Players can quickly get a feel of the game’s details before engaging.
  • Autoplay: This feature, also known as the auto-spin, allows players to continuously spin the reel for an extended number of times. Pressing the autoplay button eliminates the need always to modify wagers.

Game Symbols       

The paytable lists the symbols that may pop up on the reels and their payouts. They are listed below:

  • Hot sauce: Pays £2, £0.5, £0.2 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • A piñata: Pays £1, £0.5, £0.2 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Mayan treasure: Pays £1, £0.5, £0.2 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Lightning: Pays £1, £0.5, £0.2 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Light blue wrestler: Pays £3, £1, £0.4 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Purple wrestler: Pays £3, £1, £0.4 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Red wrestler: Pays £5, £1, £0.4 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Orange wrestler: Pays £2, £0.5, £0.2 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively
  • Skull mask: Pays £1, £0.5, £0.2 for 5, 4, 3 on a pay line, respectively

Bonus Features

Bonus features are outstanding in this internet-based game, and they come with the ability to boost your winning chances. 

Consider the following bonus features that this online video slot offers:

  • Jackpot: The highest jackpot on Lucha Rumble is 100x the overall bet, which can be earned as a random prize multiplier during the Bonus Prize Feature.
  • Free spin bonus feature: The free spins bonus round is triggered when three, four, or five scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. You have a chance of winning up to 25 free spins, depending on the number of scatter symbols that trigger the bonus round.
  • You’ll also get a front-row seat to an epic battle between one of the game’s heroes and villains during the free spins mode.
  • Bonus Prize Feature: A gold symbol on reels 1 and 5 initiates the bonus prize feature. An animated battle ensues, during which a random multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, or 100x your total wager is given.

What Symbol Triggers Lucha Rumble Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The free spin is activated by landing three, four, or five scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. You can get between 10 and 25 free spins based on how many Scatters you get.

Paylines and Stakes

This amazing online slot game comes with a payline of up to 1024, which means your betting options are numerous. People who like to relax when they play slots will like Lucha Rumble because it has a good spread of low-end bets. 

In addition, Lucha Rumble has a low minimum stake range of 0.10 per spin, making it easy to have a lot of fun with small stakes. At the same time, the high end of 12.50 means that Lucha Rumble can still pay out big jackpots if players are lucky, like during the bonus or instant prize features with their up to 100x bets multipliers.

Lucha Rumble Slot Software

Seeing as Eyecon has been doing this since 1997, it has a long history that goes back to the beginning of online gaming, giving the company a lot of history. However, despite this, the company hasn’t been a significant player in online gambling.

They’ve spent most of their time and money on land-based and online gaming. As a result, this company is very traditional in gaming. They place a premium on their products’ compatibility with various gaming platforms.

Eyecon slots work on iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, tablets, and laptop and desktop computers. Some of the slots that Eyecon offers include Lost Island (Eyecon) Slot, Legend of the 5 Ninjas Slot, and Lucky Blossom Slot.

What is the Lucha Rumble RTP?

Lucha Rumble has a higher-than-average return to Player of 97.07% RTP is a critical factor for many players when selecting a new gaming experience, so this higher-than-average return is sure to be appealing.

Slot Volatility

Lucha Rumble is a slot game with high volatility. As a result, you should be ready for gameplay lulls. In addition, prizes appear less frequently than in low- and medium-volatility slots, so be aware that these are high-risk games.


When you consider how popular Mexican wrestling has become a theme for online slot games, it’s easy to see how this game style can quickly pique slot lovers’ interest. 

The characters have distinct personalities, the colours are vibrant and eye-catching, and the action is fast and furious. However, the animations distinguish Eyecon’s Lucha Rumble from the competition in this crowded field. As a result, the game’s luchadores engage in vicious but highly entertaining fights.

Lucha Rumble is a fighting game developed by Eyecon and published by Capcom. Due to its high payouts and fast-paced gameplay, we expect Lucha Rumble to take the title of best Mexican wrestling slot machine in the world soon after its release.

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