Low6 Launch Weekly7 App With Free Uber Eats Voucher

Low6 has added value to its players by launching the Weekly7 app, which will give them a free Uber Eats voucher for each entry.

According to Jamie Mitchell, Co-Founder of Low6 and CEO of the USA Operations, the partnership will aid in the delivery of an experience that will extend beyond the Weekly7 game, which requires players to correctly predict seven football scores.

Mitchell said: “The landscape for gamification has shifted significantly, with fans set to demand more real value from their partners of choice. 

“Collaborations like this will absolutely outlive the pandemic, as we look to offer our Gen Z and Millennial users an experience that will continue beyond the game and into their daily life.”

Unique selling point

Players compete for a chance to win £1,000,000 in the Weekly7 game, which is available for free. The inclusion of Uber Eats vouchers, according to Low6, ‘adds a unique selling point, mixing online entertainment, gaming with friends, and local food delivery.’

Low6’s CMO, Josh Turk, added: “We continue to revolutionise how we look at gamification. One significant factor driving such high-performing retention rates on our platform is technological innovations. 

“Automated generated Uber Eats Food vouchers served straight to the user’s Uber Eats app showcases just one of the many ways we are using innovative technology to create rewarding experiences for our customers.”

Millennials and Gen Z

Low6 studied their audience’s tastes in order to set themselves apart from rivals and provide a tangible value to their players when they play at home. Low6 discovered that 85 percent of their database consisted of millennials and Gen Z players, and that highly active participants were already using Uber Eats.

Low6 is looking to extend its gaming presence across Europe, Australia, and the United States, so the collaboration with Uber For Business is timely.

Robust API infrastructure

Low6 said that it ‘chose to collaborate with Uber for Business with confidence that their global growth plans are supported by Uber’s robust API infrastructure.’

Mitchell continued: “The scale we are looking to operate on requires distribution of up to 50,000 Vouchers on a weekend evening. 

“Achieving this without a significant and well-developed API would not have been possible. The collaboration with Uber for Business has made the API easy to integrate with our technology at Low6.

“This collaboration for us is all about Uber and Low6 adding true value to the fans. Our players can enjoy gamification, second screen experience and an Uber Eats voucher with their friends. It’s very much a win-win for our audiences.”