Low6 Extends Network Of Partners With Toffee TV Deal

After signing a new deal with Everton fan channel Toffee TV, mobile betting games producer Low6 has extended its network of partners.

Fans will be able to play on a peer-to-peer basis with Toffee Picks, anticipating a sequence of match results such as goals scored, corners taken, and saves made.

The number of points earned is determined by how many accurate predictions are made, and players are then placed on a leader board.

New free-to-play Toffee Picks game

Chris Hector, Commercial Director at Low6, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Toffee TV to produce the new free-to-play Toffee Picks game.

“Bringing together an innovative, gamification styled product to a leading Fan Channel with such an engaged audience is very exciting.”

AFTV, The United Stand, George Benson, and Redmen TV are among the other Everton fan channels that have partnered with Low6.

These additions coincide with The Kick Off’s latest takeover, which culminated in the introduction of The Kick-Off Versus, a free weekly competition.

Toffee TV’s founder, ‘Baz,’ said: “We are excited by this new contest, it’s free to enter and provides Everton Fans with the opportunity to play Toffee Picks, show off their knowledge and win cash prizes, all for free!”

Toffee TV’s Co-Founder, ‘Ped,’ added: “It’s an exciting game and allows our supporters to engage in a brand-new way, highlight their knowledge, with the added bonus for those at the top of the leader board to take home some great cash prizes.

“Toffee TV subscribers will embrace this, take part and above all have some fun.”