Lottoland Gains ISO 27001 Certification

Lottoland, an online lotto betting platform, has achieved ISO 27001 certification, and is recognised as an international standard for information security.

Lottoland says the reception is the result of improvement in personnel, procedures, and infrastructure to ensure data is safely handled, after passing the final stages of the assessment last month and receiving a three-year clearance.

Management must systematically review the organisation’s computer protection concerns, take into consideration challenges, weaknesses, and impacts, and establish an overarching mechanism to ensure that information security policies manage to address the organisation’s requirements on an ongoing basis, according to ISO 27001.

The company must also plan and execute a consistent and systematic suite of information security measures and/or other means of risk treatment (such as risk reduction or risk transfer) to address the risks that are considered inappropriate, according to the study.

Safely handled data

The qualification would give regulators and consumers trust that data is handled safely and that the organisation is following international requirements, according to Lottoland, which has eight licences worldwide.

Lottoland’s CEO, Nigel Birrell, said: “We are really pleased to have been awarded with our ISO 27001 certificate, it shows how seriously we take our commitment and investment in regards to training, processes and systems, to ensure that we securely manage all of our data. 

“I’d like to thank all of the internal team for their tireless efforts over the last 8 months to build out our policies and procedures to ensure we complied with all aspects of ISO 27001.”

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