Lottoland App Now Available In Sweden And Australia

Lottoland, an online lotto betting company, has expressed delight that its app is now available in a wider range of jurisdictions, following its launch in the Google Play Store for users in Sweden and Australia.

This follows Google’s announcement earlier this year that it will change its access guidelines to enable the inclusion of downloadable gambling apps in more regions.

According to mobile market research firm research2guidance, Sweden is the most active market for Android downloads, with an average of five downloads per smartphone user per month.

Users who download the Lottoland app will bet on the outcomes of draws, get the most up-to-date results, and, if a winning bet is made, win real money with the possibility of becoming a jackpot millionaire.

Celebrating availability for Android users

Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell said: “We are very excited that the Lottoland app is becoming more readily available to Android users and anyone using the Google Play Store. 

“A significant percentage of the population own Android smartphones and a huge 85 per cent of the app market is maintained by Android, so this is definitely a reason to celebrate. 

“We know that a large portion of Lottoland users find and communicate with us via mobile devices and we can’t wait to see how these new audiences in Sweden and Australia get on.”

Google’s Play Store gambling terms were expanded on March 1, enabling real money game downloads in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.