Lotto Sector Should Embrace Innovation To Remain Competitive.

Ed Mouton, chairman of the European Lotto Betting Association, affirmed that the continent-wide sector needs to embrace innovation to remain competitive.

Speaking at ICE London as part of a’ Modernising Lotteries’ conference, Mouton also affirmed the determination of the eLBA to comply with best practises in ensuring a secure gambling environment for customers. He was also adamant about the willingness of eLBA members to abide by all appropriate player protection measures applicable to the field.

Examining the challenges and opportunities facing the lottery industry, panels discussed topics relating to consumer demand and security and regulatory issues as well as the possibilities for a harmonious relationship between private and national lotteries and the future of lotteries and the developments changing the market.

In a media release the eLBA stresses that “Lotto betting has become increasingly popular amongst customers in Europe. Rising demand, as well as growing recognition of lotto betting products, has led to the development of thriving, competitive markets in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden.”

Speaking on the future of the lottery as part of a panel, Mouton presented his and the eLBA’s dream for a sustainable and new lottery industry. “The lottery sector faces a number of challenges and needs to revise its business model if it is to appeal to a younger and increasingly demanding digital audience.

“Boosting competition is the only way to ensure innovation and allow for a constant improvement in customer experience. Failing to do that, lotteries will struggle to remain competitive and reverse their image of an ultimately aging product category.”

The eLBA aims to create a competitive, clear regulatory environment in Europe, giving operators a level playing field and appropriate consumer protection.