Lloyds Group Customers To Use Gamban’s Gambling Blocking Software

Gamban has announced a collaboration with Lloyds Banking Group, allowing Lloyds, Bank of Scotland and Halifax customers to use its blocking software for gambling.

Gamban’s initial incorporation into the banking offer of Lloyds was completed by the end of January 2020, saying that a significant number of people have already activated the blocking protection”. The software offers protection from thousands of gambling sites and apps across iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS systems.

Jack Symons, founder of Gamban said: “It’s very positive to see forward-thinking banking institutions such as Lloyds Banking Group rise to the challenge of protecting vulnerable customers from gambling addiction through barriers such as spend control and collaboration with market-leading gambling-blocking technology, Gamban.”

This latest partnership comes in addition to the’ Gambling Transaction Freezes’ from Lloyds which customers can enable from within the mobile banking app, offering an additional layer of protection against possible gambling damage.

The banking group emphasises that it has worked closely with gambling support experts to ensure that consumers have convenient access to a wide range of assistance and support options.

Elyn Corfield, managing director of consumer finance at Lloyds Banking Group said: “We know that gambling related harm can have serious and long term impacts on our customers and we are committed to making sure they can easily access a wide range of support.

“In addition to our card controls that allow the freezing of gambling transactions we are delighted to have developed a pilot with Gamban offering our customers three months free access to their software, providing another level of protection.”