Live MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit To Go Ahead August 6

It’s the unique time of year again as MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit brings together Baltic and Scandinavian industry shareholders and government officials. The meeting will take place this year on 6th August 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia. We should look forward to constructive debates on subjects like classic sports betting, cross promotions, the whole Scandinavian gaming industry and more. The summit’s goal is to introduce start-up operators to the stage in 2020 and also to continue the panel discussion style of at least one panellist being a business vs. gambling authority operator and regulating authority addressing industry concerns and improvements.

A group of prominent industry experts, including Jan Urbanec, CEO of Endorphina, and Jakub Kolomicenko, Head of Legal at Endorphina, will take place at the discussion panel, among many others. Jan will participate in the discussion on Cross Promotions, Betting, Game Variety and More during the forum, while Jakub will present his viewpoint and moderate the panel on the subject of the Scandinavian Gambling industry and updates from Germany.

The Gambling business in Sweden has been chaotic for a while. Sweden used to have a market for gambling monopolies, where only state-owned firms or state-controlled firms were permitted to supply capital for gambling. The monopoly has been eliminated from the market through digitalisation, and Swedish consumers are able to play by operators located outside Sweden. To ensure that those who have applied for a licence and comply with Swedish regulations can be viewed on the Swedish market, a new law was introduced.

Endorphina Legal Head Jakub Kolomicenko Shares: “After a long break, I cannot wait to be back in the conference circle. The recent development has been hectic and in the name of COVID-19, the industry has adopted quite a few regulations to protect players. One of the most controversial regulations is in Sweden. And this is exactly what we will be focusing on with my panelist of well-recognised experts.”

Jan Urbanec, CEO Endorphina said:“It feels great that we are getting back on the road! Thanks to Mare Balticum’s event, we can strengthen our current business connections and make news ones. My participation in the panel focuses on the cross promotions of casino games, alongside a team of long-term industry professionals. This will be something that I will definitely deeply enjoy. Looking forward to sharing some inside industry knowledge and absorb some as well.”

As planned, the MARE BALTICUM 2020 summit will provide the ideal networking venue for everyone in the gambling industry to attend. The Summit will also feature sales manager Endorphina Valeriya Nasypova, who is responsible for the Scandinavian and Baltic markets. Will you be there directly to consume the new ideas and address the 2020 hot topics? Mark your calendar in Tallinn, Estonia for 6 August 2020 and meet with delegates from Endorphina there!

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