Lib Dems Appoint Mike Dixon GAMSTOP Director As Chief Exec.

The Liberal Democrats updating investors announced Mike Dixon’s appointment as the party’s new chief executive starting on October 21.

Dixon will take control of Lib Dem activities and strategic planning, having previously worked as Chief Executive of Addaction, a UK-wide support network for people recovering from drug / alcohol addiction and other mental health problems.

Considered one of the UK’s leading executives in funding non-profit agencies and overseeing volunteer groups, Dixon has advised the former Assistant Chief Executive of the Citizens Advice Bureau on policy development regulating UK gambling.

The newly reformed UK self-exclusion gaming system GAMSTOP announced Dixon’s appointment as a non-executive director this September.

Lib Dem officials have stressed in previous statements that they are trying to change the approach to UK betting to responsible gambling.

Last week, party official John Leech attacked the industry’s independent regulator, the’ When The Fun Stops, Stop ‘ advertising campaign by The Senet Group as ineffective and’ exacerbating the national gambling crisis.’

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