LeoVegas Debuts Google Play In Nordic Market

In the Swedish, Danish, and Spanish markets, LeoVegas has become the first online casino operator to clear the approval process and debut on Google Play.

Players using Android applications account for approximately 45 percent of the mobile operating system market share in Sweden, 38 percent in Denmark, and 90 percent in Spain, so the deal is a major move forward in the company’s international growth.

Leaders in the industry

Mattias Wedar, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Leo Vegas said: “Once again, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in our industry and make it easier for our customers to get a superior mobile product and this will enhance the customer experience.

“It was a tight deadline as Google only announced this possibility officially in late January, but with a great effort of all teams involved we were able to make it happen not only on time, but ahead of competitors.”

International expansion

The launch of LeoVegas on Google Play is part of the company’s ongoing international expansion, especially in the Nordic countries.

The operator launched its ‘LeoUniverse‘ awareness initiative last week, which would first air on Swedish and Danish television before being shown to a broader foreign audience.

Uncle Grey, a publicity firm headquartered in Copenhagen, collaborated on the campaign. Lars Samuelsen, the company’s Creative Chairman, said LeoVegas’ offering was “highly aligned with the entertainment industry,” and that “obviously, their brand universe should be an extension of that feeling.”

In addition, facing regulatory reforms in Sweden and Norway, as well as tax hikes in Denmark, LeoVegasAB has recently posted a good result in the Nordic sectors, with EBITDA growth of 25 percent for 2021 and operating cash flow growth of nearly 90 percent.