LeoVegas Asks Ministry Of Finance For Enhanced Player Protection

LeoVegas wrote to the Ministry of Finance, asking for better safety of players as a result of the latest COVID-19 pandemic.

Included in the letter, LeoVegas urged the Ministry of Finance to request a study of marketplace limitations with proof that every four krona wagered on online casinos is through a black market sector.

The statement declared: “The re-regulation of the Swedish gaming market has led to increased state control. At the same time, gaming at unlicensed operators is a push of a button. The incentive to engage in unlicensed gambling is significant given the strict rules that are pushing the legal gaming market.

“Further restrictions on the licensed operators would push development with a higher proportion of unlicensed operators and the channelling would continue to decrease.

“There is a trade-off between channelling and regulation. Reduced channelling undermines the entire Swedish gaming legislation and the goal of the same. Consequently, consumer protection is eroded.”

The statement also stated that data from Spelinspektionen, the country’s gambling regulator, revealed a decrease in the proportion of players in Sweden who play online. However, on the black market there is an rise in unlicensed operators, resulting in a ‘loss of market shares in the Swedish market to unlicensed players selling games aimed at Swedish consumers.’