Leeds United Foundation Teams Up With YGAM

The Leeds United Foundation has partnered with the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust to support the mission of educating and protecting young people in the area from harm related to gaming and gambling.

As a result, training designed specifically to protect young people and provide educational professionals with the skills they need to recognise problems and help young people recognise negative behaviour should be started by the Foundation and the national charity.

YGAM is also offering free validated seminars and services as part of a national education initiative to everyone who works with or cares about young people.

Amy Evans, the Yorkshire and Humber education manager of YGAMs, explained: “Gambling is often described as the hidden addiction and education is essential in preventing harm. People do not realise the correlation between gambling and other risky behaviours. It is vital that we raise awareness of gambling to try and bring it to the forefront and open those positive conversations.”

Before praising the mission undertaken by the Foundation, he added:  “Sports foundations like Leeds United’s have a very positive, strong influence on young people, and they also have a huge influence within the local community.

“If we can get sports involved in prevention and education, we can work with young people before harm occurs. It has been a pleasure working with their really engaging team members, who have strong links to education.

“They are already making moves to cover gambling harm with young people and clearly have a passion for educating and safeguarding young people.”

The official charity of the club ‘s educational team aims to help educate and inform young people, teachers and parents about the risks associated with gambling and gambling harm, to safeguard the next generation of football and sports fans.

YGAM will continue to help the foundation with school-based delivery of their training once COVID-19 limitations are lifted, and will offer their services alongside coaches at the Leeds United Foundation to cover as many local schools as possible.

The head of secondary education at the Leeds United Foundation, Nigel Thewlis, added: “The workshop provided by Amy from YGAM was very informative and educational and we can’t thank them enough for their support. I was astonished at some of the statistics mentioned and particularly the information relating to the gaming industry.

“I would highly recommend this training to any schools, community groups or others who work with young minds. I am pleased that the Foundation now has the knowledge to help deal with these issues and support young people and their families in our local community.”