Leadstar Launch Further US Sports Bet Comparison Site

Leadstar Media, a leading Swedish generation company, has launched its second new US brand. BettingScanner.com follows in the footsteps of UnitedGamblers.com, the flagship sports betting comparison site, which was launched earlier this year.

The US represents the 11th and latest in a line of markets in which Leadstar has moved to establish itself, with the firm citing the’ great potential’ as a factor behind the launch that currently exists in the US sector.

CEO CEO Eskil Kvarnström explained: “The American market is simply huge, making it difficult to compete within all niches with just one site. Betting Scanner offers a more concentrated focus on betting, whereas United Gamblers targets both sports betting and online casino.”

The main focus of the new launch, according to the company, is to scour the American market in search of the best betting sites and promotions, while also providing a comprehensive overview of the current status of legal betting in the different states.

“Even though many states have opened up their gambling laws, there are still challenges  to be faced,” said Kvarnström. “For example, every affiliate will need a specific license for each individual state. Only five states have so far made betting completely legal without any impending restrictions, which is a fundamental prerequisite for our business model to be successful.

“But we are convinced that if we make sure our products strive for the highest standard possible, we will become one of the big players in the industry over time.”

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