Leadstar Hopes To Cash In On March Sporting Events

As expected, the amount of famous sporting events being held in March is quite surprising, leading everyone in the betting industry to predict, or at least hope for, the usual rise in placed bets.

That’s the opinion of affiliate Leadstar Media, who said that by cashing in on some of the major sporting events in March including the Cheltenham Festival in the UK, the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Swedish Hockey League playoffs it is looking to build on a great start into 2020.

Eskil Kvarnström, Founder and CEO at Leadstar Media explained: “January was a record month for us, and February is looking healthy too, across all markets. We’re especially excited for what comes in March, traditionally one of our best months.”

The affiliate has websites in 16 regional areas and is well placed to benefit from many different events. Ironically, despite the above-mentioned March trio incidents, it is still football that retains Leadstar Media’s biggest influence.

Kvarnström said: “Football is the big sport for us, as it is the sport that influences all markets. To have European football dominating the event calendar is therefore fantastic of course. But also boosting it with other big events for specific markets is a nice addition.”

It goes without saying that reaching into more regional markets and attracting more diverse sport fans is a big part of Leadstar Media’s growth.

Kvarnström commented: “Having a presence in many markets is hugely beneficial to us in terms of reaching the right audience. For example, you will not notice a Cheltenham-effect in Sweden, or a Swedish Hockey League-effect in Germany.”

On Bookiesbonuses.com, a website that has become a go-to for punters looking to compare betting sites and betting deals, the direct influence of the major March events will be most apparent. And since it’s in English, prospective punters from all over the world are drawn.

For example, Kvarnström is keen to monitor the behaviour of its Indian tourists during the IPL’s launch, for which Leadstar has built a robust IPL Betting Page on MyBetting.in–the company’s India-focused website with a core of local sports enthusiasts following.

“We have not created any specific content for Cheltenham in the UK, or Swedish Hockey League in Sweden,” said Kvarnström. “That’s because to a large extent, people interested in betting in those countries already know how to. However, in India the level of betting knowledge is smaller, and informing all those curious about betting on the IPL is our priority.”

How the month is going to unfold for Leadstar Media remains to be seen but Kvarnström remains optimistic. He added: “Comparing the supply of great sports held in March to those in January, the difference is significant. For that reason, I am convinced it will be a record-breaking month.”