Leadstar Furthers Expansion Joining NZ Market

By joining the New Zealand market, iGaming affiliate Leadstar Media has taken further expansion moves, with Australia soon to follow.

MyBettingsites.com, which has now become one of the most significant sites in the Leadstar portfolio, was launched by the Stockholm-based affiliate in November 2019.

My betting sites started out in the UK , Canada, Kenya, India and Nigeria with sports betting content and bookmaker reviews for users. Less than a year on, a Kiwi punters section has been launched.

Jacob Ljunggren, the company’s director, claims that in Oceania the positive results seen across the other five countries on My Betting Sites can be repeated.

“We are thrilled with the progress that the site has made over the last 11 months, and there is no reason why we can’t bring value to Kiwis in the same way that we have to users elsewhere,” he said.

“New Zealand is a unique market, but so are most of the territories we operate in across all of our products. We have Kiwis working on the product, and that ensures that we understand the needs of bettors from Down Under and can tailor the website accordingly.”

For their online wagers, many sports bettors in New Zealand use the TAB, and one of the tasks facing Leadstar is to inform Kiwis that there are other choices out there that could provide them with a better overall experience.

Ljunggren clarified that while lead generation is the ultimate target, My Betting Sites is also a reliable source of data as its flagship product.

“We have put a lot of work into pages that wouldn’t necessarily be considered high conversion,” he shared. “With all of the information out there online, not all reliable, it can be confusing and unsettling for punters, so we want to establish that trust and legitimacy.

“My Betting Sites, and all other Leadstar brands, only list bookmakers that are licensed and regulated so users can be sure that betting through our partners is safe and secure.”

Leadstar has no intention of slowing down the development of My Betting Pages, with the New Zealand platform now up and running. It is expected to open a branch for Australian bettors in the coming weeks.

That will take the total number of nations on the site to seven, and in early 2021, COO Oscar Carlsson is keen to take that figure to double figures.

“We started with five countries partly because we wanted a larger presence in each of those nations, but also so that we could test the waters a bit,” he said.

“Having taken various approaches in the different territories, we feel that we have a good grasp of what works and what doesn’t. Our SEO prowess is only getting better and I believe we have the resources to create the best affiliate sites in any country, regardless of how mature the market is.

“Plans are already in place to expand My Betting Sites further, and we should have at least 10 countries on there by next year – including perhaps our biggest project yet.”

While the popularity of My Betting Sites has increased in recent months by adding more territories, Carlsson has highlighted the importance of enhancing the existing pages:” After a  small dip in performance when sports came to a halt in the spring, the site has bounced back to great effect and is now at its peak.

“We didn’t use the lack of sporting events as an excuse. Instead, we doubled down on our efforts and made sure we left no stone unturned across all of our content.

“If you compare our overall offering now to what it was six months ago, it’s quite staggering. Fortunately, we are now starting to be rewarded for this.”

It comes only a few days after Leadstar launched its second site in Brazil, where ApostasBrasil.com was positioned for the developing market of the country to complement SitesDeApostas.com.