Leadstar CEO: Italians Stay True To Their Roots Even In Gambling

Italians want to stay true to their roots, as people of a proud country. And this is no different when it comes to betting and gaming practises, according to Eskil Kvarnström, Founder and CEO of Leadstar Media.

Despite the online gambling boom in so many countries around the world, first data collected by Statista (presented here by Eurispes) showed that offline was still the preferred place for Italians to play for money – whatever their chosen vertical may be.

According to the results, nearly three out of ten Italians surveyed compete for cash prizes (28 percent), but only 18.3 percent of that population was offline. By comparison, only 2 percent of gamblers tended to bet solely online during the year, while 7.9 percent had been involved in both.

The tide does seem to be turning, however, with many Italians now opening online betting accounts and thus thus being eligible for a welcome deal.

To highlight this point, data from the national media agency Agimeg reported that online spending on vertical gambling in Italy rose by 29 per cent in January 2020 compared to the corresponding month of 2019 (€ 153 million to € 197.5 million).

That is a phenomenon of particular concern to Kvarnström whose affiliate network includes BookmakerBonus.it, an Italian betting affiliate platform.

He also expressed confidence in Italy’s online business prospects, by saying: We have always known that Italy is a large market with huge potential, despite having a large number of players who still prefer to undertake their betting offline. We’re confident that eventually we will see an even bigger curve in the trends towards online betting.”

Players familiar with online betting have often cited as a major benefit the ease and speed at which you can locate and position bets from your mobile device in real-time.

This is something that has been described by Leadstar Media as a key factor in Italy’s success and optimised its platform for mobile use. As of today, 80 percent of BookmakerBonus.it users use their cell phone to access the site.

The hope, at least for Kvarnström, is that those players who have been attracted to betting with online platforms over the last few weeks will continue to do so until everything has calmed down and the country is back to business as normal.

“Online betting has in fact a number of distinct advantages when compared to betting offline in the local shops,” says Kvarnström. “Obviously we don’t expect online betting to replace the social factors of congregating and discussing the potential outcomes of games that so many Italian players have become accustomed to over the years.

“However, we’re hoping many will begin to appreciate the distinct advantages that online betting can offer such as cashout, which are simply not available in brick-and-mortar shops.”

For most Italian punters cashout remains an unknown feature. We heard from Agimeg just over a year ago that the ban on the definition will be removed from the country on a trial basis. However, this time was soon closed after Giovanni Tria was pushed out of government last September alongside multiples of Asian handicaps.

Despite this regulatory U-turn, Kvarnström clarified that bookmakers providing an exchange site, some of which you can find references via BookmakerBonus.it, are permitted to provide their customers with the cashout option.

Kvarnström concluded by saying: “So besides being an established betting market for many years, Italy is still in the transitional stages when it comes to making the switch towards online betting and we want to help our customers to understand the numerous benefits by providing them with informative content on our site.”