Latvian Parliament To Implement Higher Gambling Taxes

The Latvian parliament has given the go ahead to amend the tax structure for gambling, which should come into effect from 1 January 2020.

The new changes would mainly result in land-based operators being excluded from the ruling with mobile operators and affiliates.

Slot machine operating costs will increase as part of these changes from a flat fee of € 4,164 (£ 3,566) to € 5,172 (£ 4,426). There will also be an increase in annual fees for roulette and table game operators. The new price will be € 28,080 instead of the € 23,400 they have paid up to now.

Parliament also signed new plans to implement more national budget gaming taxes. Instead of the expected 90% going to the government, the figure will be 95% instead. The remainder will be distributed among the regions from which these taxes come.

The news of the reforms comes as consumers are warned about online threats by the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection (IAUI), which regulates gambling control in Latvia. All linked to fake and fraudulent lotteries. As part of this, prior to wagering, the authority stressed the importance of carrying out comprehensive operator testing.

Consumers are looking for different red flags to distinguish domains and those that aren’t, according to the IAUI. This is an area that can be supported by Latvian affiliates, especially comparison sites.

The agency also launched a government-funded programme earlier this year to assist those impacted by gambling issues. Since then, 127 people have so far sought treatment from this programme. If possible, it was launched to give free psychological support to players, their families and their mates.