Latest Survey Show NFL Is Gathering Great Interest In Mexico

A new survey conducted by the Primero y Diez specialist site and shared by El Economista shows that the National Football League (NFL) is generating greater interest among the public of Mexico.

In Mexico, the survey interviewed 24,776 fans, 62.6 percent of whom are involved in gambling activities in three different ways. Among friends and family, 41.5 percent do so, 17.9 percent in online casinos and 3.2 percent in land-based casinos.

Conducted during lockdown

The statistics published by El Economista highlight that this survey was conducted in mid-2020, when a mandatory lockdown in several countries had already been forced by the pandemic.

7 percent of all participants were women, while the majority (29.7 percent) were in the age group of 30 to 45. People aged 17 or under represent only 2.2 percent of the people interviewed.

Furthermore, 62 percent watch NFL games in English on cable, while 26.3 percent do so on the internet and 11 percent on public TV channels.


As far as merchandising is concerned, the results show that 90 percent spend up to 5,000 Mexican pesos a year on products from their favourite teams.

Ulises Parada, Primero y Diez’s director, said: “The Mexican NFL fan is super intense, very committed and consumes a lot of information. In general, the local fan is quite loyal to their team and to the merchandising.”

NFL fans in Mexico

Miguel Ángel Esses from Primero y Diez added: “Mexico has a lot of NFL fans, and the league itself has recognized our country as the largest market after the United States. We can see it through the impact that the Super Bowl has on a commercial level in Mexico.”