Las Vegas Ups Cleaning After LAX Screeners Test Positive To Coronavirus

Two medical screeners have tested positive for coronavirus at Los Angeles International Airport, health officials announced this week. Passengers going to McCarran International Airport are worried about the news because many non-direct flights to Las Vegas first land at LAX before they board a second flight to McCarran.

In response to this, more than 250 additional hand sanitiser dispensers were installed at Los Angeles airport. Crews clean up toilets and public areas at least once an hour.

The elevator buttons, escalators, handrails, and bathroom doors are given special attention. Cleaning crews also use virus and bacteria-targeted disinfectants.

A McCarran spokesperson said his cleaning crews also use hospital-grade disinfectant on all high-touch surfaces around Las Vegas airport including kiosks, escalators, door handles, etc. in a statement to on Friday.

“With the emergence of the coronavirus in Clark County, we have increased the frequency of application and expanded the areas of the airport that are covered,” the McCarran statement said.

“This is not a new precaution — McCarran makes these extra efforts to sanitise every flu season,” the statement adds.

“The disinfectant in use is recommended by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] to combat COVID-19 and is being applied in the highest concentration for maximum impact.”

In Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International, which runs many hotel-casinos on the Strip and elsewhere in the U.S., positions more hand sanitiser dispensers in their facilities, proactively cleaning them and more regularly using disinfectants, the company said in a statement on Friday. Pinball machine handles and armrests are amongst the things that get cleaned more thoroughly.

“The health and safety of our guests and employees is our highest priority and we have taken measures to combat the potential impacts on our resorts and facilities. In addition to continually upholding MGM Resorts’ high standards of cleanliness, maintenance and sanitation at our properties, we’ve implemented temporary enhanced cleaning procedures and protocols,” the MGM statement said.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. is taking similar steps, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Wynn Las Vegas said last week that the gaming company had installed “hand sanitisers in public areas” and “back-of-house for team members,” describing the installation as a “precaution.”

Numerous international flights between the US and areas heavily affected by the coronavirus have been temporarily suspended in recent weeks. These include Chinese airlines, and some from South Korea and Italy.

All US-bound passengers on remaining Italian and South Korean flights are being screened for any coronavirus symptoms “multiple times,” Vice President Mike Pence reported on Wednesday.

McCarran had direct flights from more than 20 international destinations as of last September. Among Las Vegas and China, there were no direct flights.

It was also announced this week that US airlines were also reducing the number of domestic flights. These include carriers including United Airlines, JetBlue Airways and others. The busiest domestic route at McCarran had been to and from Los Angeles between December 2018 and last November. According to a transportation bureau survey, it included 1,555,000 passengers.

Last Thursday the CDC reported that older adults or people with severe chronic disease are at greater risk for complications with COVID-19. They will “stay at home as much as possible,” the CDC has recommended in an online statement.

Dr. William Schaffner, a professor at Vanderbilt University who advises the CDC, said both risk groups should also avoid large crowds, such as those encountered while travelling by aeroplane, CNN reported.

According to the International Air Transport Association, airlines could lose up to $113 billion, if COVID 19 continues.

Several restaurants in Las Vegas are seeing less clients because of concerns of coronavirus. This is particularly true of Chinatown, the Review-Journal reported.

A half-empty parking lot at Las Vegas ‘ Chinatown Plaza evidences this, the report adds. Henda Chow, owner / manager of the Harbor Palace in Chinatown, said the Review-Journal market is off 60 to 70 percent.

Although the risk of transmitting coronavirus in the US remains relatively low, local and federal health officials are suggesting a more rigorous hand wash. Hands should for example be scrubbed for at least 20 seconds. Clean under your fingernails and between your fingertips, and stop touching your face to avoid close contact with sick people.

The Southern Nevada Health District (SVHD) has developed a hot line for the coronavirus, 702-759-4636. The line is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m..

The one person to test positive for COVID-19 in Clark County was in serious condition Friday afternoon. The unidentified patient is in solitary confinement at the North Las Vegas VA Medical Center, a hospital spokesperson told the media on Thursday.

Officials from the health department said the local patient recently travelled to the Washington and Texas states. Speaker Joseph Rajchel said on Friday, McCarran has not been advised of a need to conduct any coronavirus screening or related activity at the airport.”