Las Vegas Sands Hire Lobbyists For Texas Push

More lobbyists have been employed by Las Vegas Sands to advocate in Texas for casino legalisation. It currently has 51 campaign lobbyists working on it.

Before his death earlier this month, Sheldon Adelson employed 10 lobbyists. Drew DeBerry, Gavin Massingill and Mike Toomy were amongst them.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission, with the amount now rising to 51, the organisation is spending an estimated $2.3m to $4.5m on lobbyists in the state.

Aggressive push

A University of Houston political science professor, Clyde W. Barrow, told “This is one of the most aggressive pushes for a bill we’ve seen in a while.”

This week, following Adelson’s death, the company revealed new leadership positions. As chairman and CEO, Robert G. Goldstein has been permanently elected, having carried out the position on an interim basis since January.

Long-term economic development

The senior vice president of government relations for Las Vegas Sands, Andy Abboud, said in a statement: “The possibilities for expanding Texas’ tourism offerings are exciting and we look forward to working with lawmakers this session to present the potential opportunities that exist for robust, long-term economic development and jobs for the state.”