Las Vegas Plaza To Receive PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Threat Detection Platform

At the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, Patriot One Technologies, developer of the PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Threat Detection Platform, has deployed its platform.

The Plaza Hotel & Casino will begin its Phase 1 implementation of the PATSCAN Platform, providing resort guests, staff and partners with improved safety and security. The Plaza will also deploy Patriot One’s new PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Gateway for concealed weapons detection, in addition to the PATSCAN VRS portion of the Platform for the detection of visible and invisible threats, such as weapons, disruptions, elevated body temperature identification and facial mask detection.

Jay Franken, general manager of the Plaza Hotel & Casino said: “We’re excited to bring this new innovative, AI-driven threat detection technology to the Plaza.

“Popular for a classic Vegas experience and conveniently located at the top of the Fremont Street Experience, the Plaza Hotel & Casino typically welcomes thousands of guests a day. So, we are pleased to be the first in the downtown area to implement new physical and health security solutions to better protect our guests and staff.”

Dietmar Wennemer, President and COO for Patriot One said: “We’re excited to be working with the Plaza Resort & Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

“Our business development team has been working with a number of Las Vegas resorts and casinos since setting up operations in the city back in December 2017. With the commercialisation of our PATSCAN Platform early this summer, and the re-opening of the resorts and casinos, we’re seeing an increase in interest for our solutions, including our elevated body temperature solution, which can assist in identifying potential viral threats.

“The Plaza has moved quickly, and we’ll begin deploying this quarter for the upcoming holiday season, including the Plaza’s New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration.”

In addition, the organisation plans to launch a corporate awareness campaign to lift its profile in the US domestic investment community and has recruited Winning Media to provide Patriot One with a variety of tailored digital media and brand recognition campaigns for corporate brands.

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