Länder Should Become Leading Gambling Supervisory Authority

The Bundesrat debate has begun on which Länder (state) legislator should become the leading’ supervisory authority’ for German gambling if the final terms of the’ 4th Interstate Gambling Treaty’ are accepted.

The 16 autonomous Länder of Germany’s executives continue to debate final conditions and possible changes to the accepted Interstate Treaty, despite the fact that its law has been lambasted by a review by the European Commission.

Despite the criticism, the Bundesrat maintains its legislative timetable, standing by a 12 to 16 month window in which it will agree on final conditions allowing Germany to open a reformed federal gambling marketplace on 30 June 2021.

This week, news sources based in Cologne announced that the North Rhine-Westphalia government, Germany’s most populous state, had made its Bundesrat offer to become the oversight body for German federal gambling.

Earmarked as the part of the German gambling marketplace ‘ super-surveillance,’ an ambitious supervisory unit was designed to track all gambling transactions and to further record all data on German gambling consumers.

It is confirmed that the NRW State Consulate has drafted plans to develop a hi-tech monitoring facility, which will be resourced by 300 personnel, with further provisions attached to strengthening the server and data processing capacities.

NRW’s proposal is likely to be challenged by the Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Württemberg executives, with current sports betting’ regulatory placeholder ‘ Hesse seeking to be included in the oversight requirements.

More industry developments see the German daily sports newspaper Bild announce that the Bundesrat continues to maintain the €1000 monthly spending cap on sports betting with further in-play betting limits, amid a split Länder.