Lagotronics Project Launch 4th Generation Interactive Technology

Lagotronics Projects, the company that started out in the audio lighting industry over 40 years ago, has introduced its interactive technology for the fourth generation.

The system , especially for theme parks, FECs and other LBE venues, is a positioning system designed for indoor and outdoor leisure areas with similarities to GPS. It opens up several doors for new attractions and events that are interactive.

The technology provides a device with the greatest uptime and almost no maintenance for operators, the company said. No sensors, mechanical components or lasers are used to make the technology more effective, more durable and safer. It can be found, even outdoors, in nearly every attraction.

In order to interact with scenery and activate sound , lighting, animatronics or SFX, the first systems were developed. Lagotronics clarified that the systems were stronger due to continuous development and the devices were smaller and less bulky. Now, in dark rides, flat rides and kiddie rides, these systems are still common and widely used.

The organisation has begun to create a new interactive framework for the increasing demand for multimedia-based attractions, which makes it possible to connect for multimedia on monitors or video projectors. With both media contact and scenery, the device can also be used to create a combination-dark ride or attraction. The fact that visitors actually see missiles coming through the game or media is one of the special features.

A new digital positioning system is now the latest advancement for Lagotronics. Mark Beurners, CEO, said: “Knowing the exact position of the interactive device and at the time pointing the direction and entering this into a digital 3D environment makes this the ultimate interactive system.

“Now we know, at all times, where guests are located in a certain area and where their devices are aimed at. Imagine the endless opportunities this creates for interaction between guest and literally anything? Every object or component in the attraction, area or room can be made interactive or functioning as a target. Targets can be variable and easily change locations over time, creating multiple experiences in one.”