Kyviv Hotel Has Casino Licence Rejected By Ukrainian Regulator

The Dnipro hotel in Kyiv has been refused a casino licence by Ukraine’s newly established Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries.

The authority stated that the hotel’s paperwork contained errors, making it impossible to issue a casino licence. There was an error in the address given on the documents, and the hotel floor plan had some inconsistencies.

To ensure that the hotel meets the legal requirement of 300 square metres for slot machines, the regulator wants an accurate floor plan.

Initial application

According to sources, the hotel applied for a casino licence in December, just months after the Ukrainian government formed the commission. Gambling was legalised in Ukraine last August, and a regulatory body was formed to oversee the brand-new industry.

The Ukrainian Commission has so far granted 18 licences, including casino licences to seven high-end Kyiv hotels.

Alexander Kokhanovskyy, an Esports developer, purchased the Dnipro hotel for $41 million (£29.6 million) with the aim of running it around Esports. However, shortly after buying the hotel in July 2020, Ukraine legalised gambling, which changed Kokhanovskyy’s perspective.

However, errors in the documents have caused the process to be delayed. The hotel will correct the errors and request a new application, according to Kokhanovskyy.