KSA Delays Launch Of KOA Act Licencing Window

The Netherlands’ gambling authority, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has postponed the start of the ‘Remote Gambling Act’ (KOA Act) licencing window, which was expected to open Thursday morning.

The KSA posted a note on its website updating incumbents, noting that its automated platform for KOA applications had detected a bug during final testing.

The KSA ensured that it would provide stakeholders with an update as soon as possible on the start of its application process.

The new start date for the KOA regime licencing window had been set for April 1, with KSA previously reporting that it expects to receive 40 operator applications.

Previous postponement

The window was originally postponed from its planned launch date of 1 January due to a last-minute interference by Dutch Legal Protections Minister Sander Dekker.

Further legal changes saw the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issue recommendations for the financial auditing standards of applicants for KOA licences.

Each applicant to submit a quality assurance document from an independent auditor detailing the operator’s audited financial statements to KSA.

Auditors must certify to the regulator that claimant operators are not in financial distress and, as a result, should ensure KOA financial conditions such as player funds insurance, bank guarantees, and other Dutch financial criteria.

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