Korean Casino Kangwon Installs More Novomatic Products

Kangwon Land is the biggest among a total in 17 casinos of Korea, and the only one where Korean residents are permitted to play. State-of-the-art Austrian gaming gear has been component of the casino ground gaming offer for a long time.

The friendly business relations go back as far as 2009 with the casino stockpiling on Novomatic gaming facilities on a regular basis over the years. With about 200 live gaming tables, 208 ETGs and 1,360 slot machines, the Kangwon Land casino floor provides its customers exclusive gaming facilities.

Determined to maximise the footprint of Novomatic gaming techniques in Korea, Korea Gaming Solution, the company’s long-term delivery partner, has lately been allowed to add a further 68 video slots, raising the complete number of Novomatic devices on the casino ground to 280 units, or more than 20 percent of the ground value.

This recent complement involves the cabinet Panthera 2.27, the established Dominator Curve 1.43 and the Gaminator Scorpion 2.24, each with a choice of matches specially suited to the casino clients’ needs: Novo Line Interactive Edition X, Novo Line Interactive Premium Editions 2 and 3 and Novo Line Interactive Concurve Edition 3.

Sang-Rae Lee, slot manager at Kangwon Land, said: “I am very pleased that our guests really enjoy playing Novomatic products. I look forward to seeing more new games coming out in the future.”

Samuel Lee, CEO of KGS, added: “Novomatic has a huge growth rate every year in our market, not only in Kangwon Land Casino. In fact, all our customers are satisfied with the products. It is a great honour to be able to deliver these products to the Korean market.”