Konami Gaming Announce Line-up For March NIGA Event

Konami Gaming announced on Monday, that at the Annual National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Tradeshow & Convention in San Diego (March 26 – 27, 2020), it will have an advanced lineup of related progressive shows, competitive slot cabinets and systems technology.

Konami’s latest video slot DIMENSION 49J features original connected progressive series, from established performers like All Aboard to recognisable brands like Silent Hill. An estimated 6,000 tribal gaming managers, experts, and members have the opportunity to interact with unknown game series across a mix of high-performance slot hardware like KX 43, Concerto Opus, and the upcoming Opus Dual.

Throughout the two-day gathering, Konami’s Booth #1725 will concentrate on top-of – the-line SYNKROS device technology with revolutionary possibilities spanning player monitoring to Title 31/AML. The business is also unveiling a 63-foot trailer truck loaded with their new groundbreaking items, as this year’s NIGA 2020 event provides a glimpse of Konami’s multi-city tour of the WINovation Road Show.

Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Tom Jingoli said: “The Indian Gaming industry has a strength, ingenuity, and forward mindset that continually pushes pioneering ideas across the space.

“At this year’s event, Konami is expressly focused on empowering tribal operators with future entertainment and technology,to support both immediate and enduring results.”

Guests at the 35th Annual Indian Gaming Show have access to Konami’s latest premium game titles on the all-new DIMENSION 49J. A established series from Konami’s Australia division, All Aboard is coming to the show with two additional, never-before-seen base games, as well as custom merchandising options from overhead signage bundles to animated LED chairback displays. Konami also brings a familiar series into the casino room from its commercial video game division, with the world’s first Silent Hill slot games: Escape and Silent Hill: Return.

Jingoli added: “The 2020 Indian Gaming Show is a landmark event in the launch of DIMENSION 49J. From the cabinet’s custom merchandising options, to its rich content library, DIMENSION 49J uniquely demands attention. Konami is incredibly excited for the level of entertainment and quality it delivers, both for players and properties.”

One of the newest oversized cabinets in the industry is also coming to NIGA with unique merchandising options including branded pod fillers and LED signage packages. Opus Dual, which is now available across North America, builds upon Opus ‘ success; showing dual-screen content through stacked 43-inch displays instead of a single 65-inch screen. Opus Dual features an original related progressive series called Repeat Fever, with a Stay & Spin mechanic offering players exciting opportunities for retriggering.

Konami’s award-winning KX 43 and Opus cabinets return to NIGA 2020, backed by an array of game content from 4 K UHD. Included is a comprehensive collection of interactive innovative games that spans Diamond Tracks, Majestic Moon Triple Sparkle, Treasure Lounge, and more. Several series also exhibit animated LED sign display options for visual attraction and impact optimisation.

“The depth of entertainment available for KX 43 and Opus is a true demonstration of our ongoing commitment to quality and creativity,” said Jingoli. “Original Konami features like Strike Zone, Stay & Spin, and the Sparkle Feature are all represented in new ways, in addition to entirely new primary play mechanics like those found in Treasure Lounge, which branches away from traditional spinning reels.”

At NIGA 2020, Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system runs live for guests to experience firsthand. Tracking biometric player SynkVision is one of the new key highlights. This award winning tracking solution for players uses face recognition to identify, rate, and reward all players. It technology provides operators with the ability to see, understand, rank, and reward all first-time play activity “carded” and “uncarded.”

Guests can also discover the extensive Title 31/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) system, SYNK31 by Konami. SYNK31 offers true case management by providing administrators the ability to collect all files, time-stamped notes, file records, transcripts, photographs, videos, and emails related to a particular patron or incident at one location. Allowed users may collect, monitor, review and complete all AML specifications, including Multiple Transaction Log (MTL), Negotiable Instrument Log (NIL), Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR), Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR), Know Your Customer (KYC), and more, while using the industry-leading data architecture of SYNKROS to automatically capture and compile all required AML information using robots.