Knup Solutions Expands Into iGaming Market

With the introduction of casino and esports content writing facilities, iGaming service provider Knup Solutions has expanded its offerings months after launching its gambling domains division and website.

Knup Solutions, led by CEO Ryan Knuppel, has grown from a one-man freelance company into an iGaming marketing agency with approximately 60 journalists, editors, developers and team experts with over a decade of experience within the sports betting content development industry.

Discussing the organisation’s new chance of developing into other industries, Knuppel commented: “We have been planning to cross-over into the casino and esports content space for quite some time now. This is the perfect time since people are craving content they can consume from home.

“Our team, processes, communication, quality, and price are second to none when it comes to content creation. We truly think we can take what we’ve done in the sports betting content space and duplicate it to serve casino & esports professionals that have or are starting a web presence.”

Knup Solutions currently operates with a number of the industry’s betting and gaming brands, offering sports highlights, coverage, feedback, perspectives, strategy and more.

The team has previously published a host of content in both niches over the years, but has never formally marketed and welcomed customers directly for casino or sports. Having said that, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the recent downturn in sporting events has contributed to the’ perfect opportunity’ to launch these two new divisions.

Rodney Knuppel, Chief Marketing Officer and Content Manager at Knup Solutions, commented on the enhanced deal and added: “We truly feel our writers and team are educated, excited, and ready for this expansion. With the world of sports on hold right now, most iGaming professionals are focusing heavier on casino or esports. With that focus comes a growing DEMAND for content. We can help fill that void by providing high-quality content at scale.”

Knup Solutions is now set to include casino reviews, slot reviews, casino strategy, casino tips, casino news, SEO keyword posts, updates, news, game write-ups & reviews, and gaming betting tips, among other items with respect to its casino content and sports offerings.