Kling Automaten Choose Pragmatic Solutions For Jokerstar Casino Launch

Kling Automaten has chosen Pragmatic Solutions as the portal and integration technology provider for the launch of their new Jokerstar Casino in the regulated German online gaming industry.

Kling, a third-generation family-run casino operator with 165 Joker casino arcades throughout Germany, was established in 1954.

Extending into online market

The company claims it plans to take advantage of a new regulatory framework in Germany that will authorise and control online gaming, which will enable them to extend their land-based business into the online market.

Kling selected Pragmatic Solutions to include the network infrastructure to help the development period and ensure local regulatory enforcement after a thorough vendor assessment process.

Pragmatic Solutions’ CEO, Ashley Lang, said: “We were delighted to be working with Juergen and the team at Kling in this exciting project. 

“We believe established land-based operators have great potential to lead in regulated markets, and to support Kling we have made significant developments to the platform to ensure that it is fully compliant with both the transitional German regime that began on 15 October 2020, and the new Interstate Treaty on gambling that comes into force from the 1 July 2021. final. We could not be more pleased or proud to be supporting Kling in the launch of Jokerstar casino.” 

Full-stack approach

Pragmatic Solutions offered a full-stack approach to Kling in order to shorten their time to market and give Jokerstar a strong technical base.

According to Juergen Kling, CEO of Kling Automaten, Pragmatic Solutions was chosen because: “We are very excited about the new online opportunity for Kling, and we have ambitious plans for Jokerstar online casino. 

“We have a long-term vision and need a technology partner that can help us enter the market successfully today and provide ongoing innovation and development support in the future to ensure that Jokerstar casino becomes a dominant player in the regulated German market. 

“After a comprehensive evaluation process, we found Pragmatic Solutions to have the right technology, experience in regulated markets, and a strong commitment to supporting our business as we expand into online gaming. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.”